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What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?

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What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?

Ashley January 11, 2018


This week’s article is a bit different than some of my normal articles but God put this topic on my heart heavy this week. I was stuck between two topics: 1) What does it mean to be a Christian? and 2) How to hear from the Lord.  As you can tell from the title of this article, topic #1 takes the cake!

Okay, so I had my topic, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I originally planned on sharing with you what I thought it meant to be a Christian, but just my opinion wouldn’t be sufficient enough. After all, I am only one Christian out of billions. That’s when God gave me the idea to create a survey to collect answers from other Christians as well. This way, you not only get my answer but answers from other Christians in different walks of life.

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The Question: What does being a Christian mean to you?

“Being a christian means that I believe in Jesus christ and I believe that God sent him to die on the cross for my sins. Because of this, I am saved. Living my life to honor Him is the very least that I can do. It means taking up my cross daily, dying to myself 1000 times and coming out on top in Jesus’ name time and time again. It means sharing the genuine, organic love and word of Jesus Christ authentically to anyone willing to listen. It means being the light in the dark, being positive in each and every situation and being thankful for every little thing in my life; Whether it be an unseen blessing or not. It doesn’t mean a lack of pain, hardship and struggles. often times, these things increase, it just means that I can rely on God to equip me with everything I need to overcome any situation. Being a christian means love, joy, hope, peace, perserverance, stregnth, and so many others. Being a christian is truly amazing.” – Ashley Hope

“That I have Been Saved by Lord Jesus Christ, through Believing in Him & the Power & Love of the Cross, the Kingdom of God. God has Consecrated us to Himself through our Almighty King. I have Been Justified & His Righteousness has Been Added to me. There is Nothing that I can Do, to Earn or Deserve Righteousness, it is Only with His Blood & His Magnificent, Majestic Love for me & the Resurrection Power of the Cross, that I am Saved. Adopted into Sonship & the Body of Christ” – Robert A

“Being a Christian to me means believing in chances. Yes, we might inevitably mess up, but what scripture teaches is that we are constantly given more and more chances, and we reciprocate that love and forgiveness towards others. I’m happy to be in such a great place in my life, living it with Jesus by my side. He’s the only one whose lives since beige I was born, and for this I am grateful. I’m grateful for the unconditional and compassionate love that I am able to experience with him each and every day. God bless!!” – Atalie H

“Walking life with christ by myside and live like jesus and knowing that no matter what im never alone no matter how low I am. Being a christian means im free because the price was paid for me and no matter what I do I know their is someone who will love me unconditionaly.” – Makenzie R

“Freedom to not be a purposeless, mindless animal roaming through the world waiting to die.” – Daniel F

“Being a Christian means I am in a family of love in which my father is always there for me. I have the assurance that what ever I ask for and that is needful for me will always be giving to me. Being a Christian also means I have a God that is ever willing to take me back irrespective of the gravity of my sin.” – Samuel A

“Striving to provide a human response that attemps to mirror God’s grace and unconditional love in response to the need of others, as well as myself, is what being a Christian means to me.” – Kim M

“I’m so happy that I get to know about God and learn about God everyday! I’m not perfect like God, and I’m still learning how to pray properly but, I feel so blessed that even though I’m a big sinner, God is still with me & my family. I’m very blessed that I have a family who support me and teach me about faith and a school where I can just grow in faith! I’m just happy to be alive and always know I can come to God whenever, and He is ALWAYS there, to tell us when we are wrong and comfort us when we aren’t. Justtt, it’s hard to explain, but I’m glad I’m a Christian because I feel at peace and I feel that even though we stumble, God will always be there to forgive and push us back on track, even if that may be in a “harsher” way we expected.” – Anonymous

“Believing and trusting god in the worst of times, and making time for him everyday.” – Joshua C

“It is being the vessel that God created me for. It is being His hands, feet, heart to others. It is filling myself up with Him, so I can pour myself out to others. It is reading His Word daily, so I can deal with the things of this world and not go crazy. It is communicating with Him in prayer. It is hearing His still small voice. It is taking the next step, when I don’t see the step.” – Anonymous

“Being a follower of Christ. Being selfless. Being forgiving. Knowing I’m not perfect but forgiven by God. To show love. To love The Bible.” – Justin L

“This is a very broad question there are so many meanings for me. First getting closer to God and what He has done for me and everyone in this world. Second learning about Jesus and The Holy Ghost. That’s a start He has saved me so many times in my life there isn’t enough space. 😁” – Gaye M

“Being Honest Loving others with the love of Christ. Showing people to Jesus and walking upright for Christ . We are called to be Ambassdors for him to represent him at all times.”  – Anonymous

“following God with your whole heart and your whole mind, and trusting him with everything, and putting him first in all situations.” – Amanda F


21 Y/O college senior and woman Of God. My mission is to spread hope by sharing the Love and Word of Jesus Christ authentically with the world!


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