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Do you or a loved one need a Bible? You're in the right place. 

100% gifted + 100% free

The gifted Bible started with a desire to share Jesus with the world.

What better way to share Jesus than to share a Bible?


What is The Gifted Bible? 

The Gifted Bible is a ministry that I started to share a Bible with anyone who wants one. I wanted to share Jesus with the hurting and the easiest way to get to know Jesus is through reading about him in the Bible. So it made perfect sense to share a Bible in order to share Jesus.​


How can I request a Bible?

You can request 1 Bible per submission using the link below. It's 100% free and ships within the US only (for now). You can expect your Gifted Bible within 2-6 weeks.

Want to be a part of  The Gifted Bible ministry or looking for a way to support?

You can support us by praying that the Lord would continue to provide the means to gift and ship each Bible. It costs around $30 to purchase and ship each Bible. You can also donate to help cover the cost of a Bible or shipping!

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