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Not A Quitter


Not A Quitter

Ashley March 29, 2018

Growing up, I always took the easy way out.

I always loved starting things but when those things required any amount of actual effort, I was out and moved on to something else.

Don’t believe me? Let me tell you about the sports I played as a child. First it was gymnastics, I fell off the balance beam (I was fine) and never went back. Then it was ballet and hip-hop dance. Nothing stuck. Don’t even get me started on soccer, I played for all of one week and then quit.

I have a good reason though. I was the only new player on the team and had a really hard time understanding the rules of the game. Here comes game day and 10 year old Ashley was glad to have been passed the ball. Until all sense went out the window and I began to kick the ball towards the rivals net, somehow landing them a goal. My teammates never let me live it down so I never went back.

Growing up, that mentality of quitting when things got hard followed me through middle school, high school and even college.

Flash forward to sophomore year at Ohio Wesleyan. The varsity swim coach so graciously allowed me to swim on the team. I had little (to none) swimming experience, as I had only swam for a year at the YMCA 2 years before and never actually competed. I went to most of the practices and made decent progress but come week 3, the week of the first meet, I quit. I got scared and just up and left.

So before this year (Junior year) I would say that I’m a quitter. Avoiding and quitting were the two things I did best. Although that is how I used to be, I can confidently say that I am no longer a quitter and I wont let who I was previously hinder who I am now.

For this week’s blog post, I decided to write on this topic because in the past few months or so, I’ve noticed that in certain situations, people want me to quit and I wont.

Situation #1

The fist situation involves the cost of tuition for fall 2018. This fall instead of owing around $4,000, I’ll owe somewhere around $8,000. The person working with me to resolve this semester’s financial obligation saw this number and instantly assumed the worst. I was told to have a game plan to possibly transfer (keep in mind, I’ve already transferred to this school 2 years ago), or take a gap year. For a minute, their words really got to me but then I remembered whose I am. I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. I don’t quit unless he tells me to. If I’m not meant to be in school for fall semester, than I wont. But if I am, God will provide that $8,000 and he won’t be a minute late.

Situation #2

The second situation has to do with my classes. For those of you who don’t know, I am a Junior in college. Each semester I am on the borderline between passing and failing for at least one of my classes. Typically, I’m told to drop the class and try again next semester, yet, each semester I always end up pulling it back and passing. This semester however, there are more than a few borderline classes and I already know I’ll be prompted to drop them but I refuse. I am not a quitter. Like I mentioned above, If I’m meant to fail these classes then I’ll fail them; I will not quit. If I fail the classes it’s because I wasn’t able to pass them, not because I decided to quit the moment things got hard.

Refuse To Quit

Those were just a few of the instances where others have tried to persuade me to ‘quit’ but I refuse. I refuse because of the confidence that I have in the Lord and His plan for me. I want to encourage you today to stand strong and to refuse to quit when things get hard. There are going to be nay sayers who only chose to see the negatives. All they want is to bring you down but know that God will always keep his promises and he always has your best interest at heart. When things seem impossible, that’s when God will do the impossible. 


21 Y/O college senior and woman Of God. My mission is to spread hope by sharing the Love and Word of Jesus Christ authentically with the world!

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