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The Chronic Chronicles: Health Update #2

Originally written 1/10/23

Okay, Wowza. I’m SO impressed. I had a follow-up appointment with my primary doctor yesterday to determine the next steps after being seen in the ER twice last week. I expressed that I felt the chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness were getting worse and we determined that my heart rate is abnormally fast. Faster than it’s ever been and we don’t know why. Just sitting on the table it was 137.

When she had me walk around the office to see if my oxygen levels dropped she noticed my heart rate was through the roof and I was gasping for air as I walked. When we made it back to the exam room I was moments from passing out. She prescribed a heart medication that is meant to slow my heart rate which in turn should make it so that I can walk without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I took it a few hours ago and my heart rate is 98!!! Normally it would be over 120 just sitting! We’re making progress.

I’m still struggling with chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness but I have referrals in place and appointments coming up to see someone about my lungs and heart. So if you could keep that in your prayers that would be amazing.

Until then, you can catch me coloring, watching a crap ton of Criminal minds, reading my Bible, listening to music, oh and giving Sunnie all the belly rubs as I’m out of work until at least next week. I miss my kiddos so much and I can’t wait to give them the biggest hug when I return!

That’s all for now! Will update more when I know more!

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