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The Story Behind Handmade Hope. Everything you need to know!

Handmade Hope reintroduction!

(Pictures are at the end of the post!!)

Hi there, I’m Ashley Hope and I run a little Etsy shop called Handmade Hope (@shophandmadehope + Many of you know about this little piece of my life but I have many new followers who may not so I wanted to reintroduce it! I will also be sharing everything you need to know about the shop!

Handmade Hope was actually born by accident (or so I thought!). In 2018 I had plans to start a Christian clothing brand called Thrive Christian Apparel (@thrivechristianapparelco on IG + FB) but I was unemployed at the time and was unable to get the funding to turn that vision into a reality.

One day whilst scrolling on Insta, I came across a gal who made journals. It was at that moment that a lightbulb went off in my head. The materials needed to make a handmade journal were relatively inexpensive and I was confident that I could make my own but with my own flair.

Since the very beginning of HH, my desire and purpose is to provide items that were Christ-centered, eco-friendly, and that made a difference in the mental health community in some way. I have always been an avid Journaler after watching my mom journal growing up. I knew the benefits of journaling as I watched them play out in my own life. I also saw how journaling brought me closer to the Lord as I journaled my prayers and released the anxiety and fears of each day to the Lord. I wanted others to experience those things and I wanted them to know that they could find hope and joy in the Lord through a renewed relationship with Jesus through journaling!

Every journal is handmade by me with eco-friendly materials (chipboard - recycled, 100% recycled paper). With every order, 1 tree is planted in partnership with One Tree Planted. 10% of the profits from every order are donated to a mental health organization (currently AFSP - American foundation for suicide prevention). Every order is prayed over and arrives with a handwritten letter from me. There is also an option to input any specific prayer requests on each listing. I keep the names of everyone who has ordered from me and even after the order is delivered, I continue to pray over them.

Along with journals, I also hand-design Christ-centered mental health stickers! These are so fun to make! They are sent off to be printed professionally and then I sell them in my shop!

Handmade Hope brings me so much joy. To be able to make something that other people can use to give them hope in pursuing a relationship with Jesus is amazing to me. I hope and pray that each journal blesses the receiver.

My journals can be used for literally anything and I am encouraged to see how each of my supporters has used theirs. I’ve had two large journals/notebooks purchased for twin kiddos to use as drawing books. I’ve had two regular-sized journals used to paint on the front covers and resell in another Etsy shop (seriously how cool is that???). I’ve had journals purchased as wedding planner notebooks. I’ve even custom-made journals with anxiety prompts and encouraging verses in them. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with multiple supporters/customers to make journals with paper that I custom-ordered for them to meet their needs. Like, I love it!!!

I have big plans for HH in the future, but for now, I am blessed and beyond thankful that I get to hand-make journals and hand-design stickers!

If you’re interested in checking out the products I offer, check out @shophandmadehope and shop at! (Use code GET10 for 10% off your purchase!)

You can also click HERE to see the shop page here on

Here are some pictures and examples of things you can expect from HH. Journals, stickers, and printables!



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