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Love Yourself || Week 1 of 3

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Love Yourself || Week 1 of 3

Ashley December 7, 2017

Do You Love Yourself?

Do you cut yourself slack when you make a mistake/have a bad day, or do you get upset with yourself and tell yourself you’re not good enough? Your biggest critic is yourself.

The only person who knows you like the back of their hand is you. Well, you and God.

We’re so worried about what other people think of us that we conform to those standards and make them our own. Then we constantly compare ourselves to others. We go through life constantly trying to conform, chasing false realities. We’ve been conditioned into thinking and acting this way from a very young age and it’s very easy to miss.

Romans 12:2 NKJ

Romans 12:2 NKJ – AshleyHopeInChrist.co

Let Me Use My Life as an Example.

When I was 9 years old, I remember my babysitters’ son telling me that I would be “white” in a week when he looked at my hands. (Because my palms are “white” while the backs are “black”). I was happy because I didn’t want to be black. I wanted to be like everyone else.

When I was in third grade, I was obsessed with my teacher’s hair. I couldn’t believe how it moved so freely! so I stopped wearing my hair in braids and begged my mom to take me to get my hair done just like hers. That’s when I started to get relaxers. Month after month, damaging my precious hair because I wanted my hair to “flow in the wind” like everyone else.

When I was in eighth grade, I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Nothing I did seemed to make anybody happy. My parents were struggling, I had lost someone dear to me, everything felt out of control. The only thing I could control was what I ate. So I stopped eating and developed a nasty eating disorder that fed off of the media’s idea of “Skinny” and “Perfect“. I never felt “good enough“. I just wanted to be like everyone else!

Long Story Short

Up until recently, I’ve spent my entire 20 years on earth trying to conform to everyone else’s standards. I let those “stereotypes” define who I was. I went after what I thought I wanted before I knew what was true. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made.

How Can You Learn to Love Yourself?

Know what defines you. The answer is God, God defines you.

Did you know that God knew you even before you were born? (Jeremiah 1:5) He knew your name, He knew everything there was to know about you – and he still does! Did you know that he knows the exact number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7) and that you were made in his perfect image? (Genesis 1:27) If we are made in God’s image, and God is perfect (Psalm 18:30), doesn’t that mean we’re perfect too?

You see, we are defined by God. We are all children of God (Galatians 3:26) and he doesn’t see us through earthly eyes but through heavenly eyes. God doesn’t see color, he doesn’t stereotype, he simply loves you for who you truly are. Because he knows your heart. (Proverbs 21:2)

Once you come to the realization, that God loves you unconditionally for who you are inside (and outside), you can too see yourself through heavenly eyes, and love yourself for who you are inside (and outside) as well!

I encourage you to dive deeper

Find out for yourself what God thinks/says about you and self-love. You can do this by reading scripture and meditating on it. if you don’t have a bible. Check out this link to find one that best suits you! For someone who doesn’t own a bible, I highly recommend a NIV Bible and if you love to write down your thoughts, I highly recommend a Journaling Bible!

Check out my shop page to see the bible I currently use,  along with some other must have things!

Check out this site for bible verses that talk about loving yourself.

If you’re interested in starting your self-love journey, Click HERE to read my “5 Easy + Effective Steps to Self-Love”!

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