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Summer 2018 Is in the Books. Here’s What I Did and What I Learned.

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Summer 2018 Is in the Books. Here’s What I Did and What I Learned.

Ashley August 23, 2018

Summer 2018 blew my mind in more ways than one. 

Had you asked me a year ago where I thought I’d be this summer, there’s no way I could have ever imagined a summer like this. 

First let me share with you the many (and not so many) things I’ve done this summer. 

I Took My First Ever Summer Class!

  • This one’s not all that exciting. I took a class called “The Science of Food” mainly because I needed a science credit  (and because I was told it was the easiest science class I could take). First off, nothing in life is easy, amen? Neither was this class! However I am very excited that it’s over and even more excited to have completed it with a solid A! Woohoo!
  • I Got My First Ever Internship

  • Y’all, God is SO good. This internship practically fell into my lap. I worked as a Marketing Intern at the Campus Bookstore! (where I normally work part time.) I spent the majority of the summer switching off between general bookstore duties and various Marketing duties such as: managing social media accounts, creating sales and discounts and designing graphics, flyers and banners, just to name a few. It’s insane how fast the summer flew working full time but I definitely enjoyed the experience and learned so much about marketing and the industry. 
  • I Went to North Carolina with My Best Friend and Her Family

    • First off, Shoutout to Cassie and her amazing family. I am forever thankful that they let me tag along on their family vacation! Before then, I had never been to North Carolina. We vacationed specifically in the Outter banks (salvo to be exact!) and it was my first time ever experiencing the beach. I adored every minute I got to spend there and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could go back. I’ll include some pics below. Also, (shameless plug) I vlogged the whole vacation and the video is up to view on YouTube! I’ll embed it somewhere below. 

    I Met a Guy (Eeeeek)

  • This may be the first time I’ve mentioned this to anyone other than family but I met a guyyyyy. (fun fact, we actually went to high school together!) We started talking while I was in North Carolina (he just so happened to be stationed there, small world right?) and we really hit it off. Long story short, were a thing now! I’m sure you’ll hear more about him in the future on here but feel free to stalk my socials! 
  • I Got to Visit My Favorite Place on Earth

  • For those of you who don’t know, I am 100% a mountain girl, although after visiting the beach it’s a tough call. This summer I got to visit my favorite place on earth – Gatlinburg Tennessee! We stayed at the Dear Ridge Mountain Resort which is a long time family tradition and I had nothing short of a blast there. In fact, as I’m typing this I’ve been home all of two days. 

  • Now that I’ve gotten to share with you the things I’ve done this summer I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned! Some of these things may tie into the experiences I’ve had this summer. 

    I Learned That I Really like Hats..

    • I feel like for the longest time I kept myself in a box. I’ve dressed the same way for years, done the same things for years. This was the first summer ever that I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and really blossomed as an individual. All thanks to God no doubt. I always used to avoid hats because i thought it made me look like a boy. This summer I’ve discovered my (unhealthy?) love for hats. I’ve grown my collection from 3 (freebies from High school BPA field-trips) to 9. 
    • While we’re on the subject of hats, or rather headwear, I’ve also learned that I really like Bandanas. More specifically white bandanas. If you’ve been an Insta follower – You understand haha. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you should go follow me! —> @AshleyWoodson97

    I Learned That Time Flies and That It’s Important to Cherish Every Moment.

    • The older I get the more I realize how fast time flies. It seems like when you grow up all you want is for the time to fly by. When you’re in middle school you wish you were in high school. Then when you’re in high school you wish you were in college. Well let me tell ya, I’m going into my senior year of college and i’m astonished by how fast the time went. I feel like I spent more time worrying than cherishing the moments. I am thankful for that realization now as I have a year to cherish the moments however, I wish this was something I had come to know a whole lot sooner.

    Lastly and Most Importantly, I Learned That God’s Plan Is Perfect.

    • This is something I’ve learned more so over the last year – and I’m sure I’ll touch on it in future blog posts because it’s too important not to – but it really resonated with me a ton this summer. There were two instances this summer that really proved this notion to me. The first being my marketing internship.  I have been working at the campus bookstore since August 17th of last year (all gods doing, I could write a whole book on how great God is y’all.) When it came time to find a summer job, I had no idea what I was going to do and I was worried about how things were going to work out. I basically got the Internship because the lady filling the position knew me from working at the bookstore all year. Had I not been given the bookstore position a year ago, I wouldn’t have gotten the summer internship. It was all a part of Gods plan and I have no doubt that he will use that experience for something in my future.
    • The second instance this summer that really proved to me that God’s plan is perfect was meeting my boyfriend Blaine. The only reason why we started talking was because my North Carolina vacation photos caught his attention. Had I not gone on vacation with Cassie and her family, he may not have reached out and we would not have started talking. The rest, of course, is history and I am beyond thankful. 

    Now that Summer 2018 is in the Books How did you spend it and what did you learn? Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear!


    21 Y/O college senior and woman Of God. My mission is to spread hope by sharing the Love and Word of Jesus Christ authentically with the world!

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